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Get Latest English Speaking Jobs & Internships

Are you spending too much time just trying to search for English speaking jobs and internships on different platforms?

Our platform scans the web and provide you with latest english speaking offers that match your profile. Get access to premium jobs and internships and never lose out on an opportunity that you deserve. 

Job Dashboard

Do you find yourself missing deadlines or forgetting to follow up with recruiters?

By creating an account on Faruse, you can save jobs and file them under categories of applied, interviewing, offered, and hired to help keep your search organized.

You can prescribe yourself the dates and deadlines, keeping you aware and accountable for what you need to do next.

Free Online Courses

If you’re still in college or done with your school, it doesn’t hurt to look at taking online courses that can boost your job prospects. Adding more certifications to your education is a great way to get noticed when looking to take the next step in your career.

Every week we release free courses worth more than $1000 that can help you increase your learning curve and chances of landing the next dream job. 

Job Search Tools and LinkedIn Hacks

Discover recruiters' emails, uncover their personality details, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and put your job search on automation.

Use our 50+ job search tools, and LinkedIn hacks to land more interviews and gain the spotlight on LinkedIn you deserve. 

Career Consultation

Imagine someone asked you to get out of the house and drive without giving any direction whatsoever. You will most likely not be able to navigate yourself or manage time and speed.

We can provide you with the right direction and shortlist the right options among the thousands available as per your requirement.

Our counseling session is most likely preceded by an extensive and comprehensive analysis of your profile.

This means you can have a ready-made plan and can focus energies on your performance.

Visa/Work Permit Q&A

If you are from outside the EU and want to work in an EU country, you will most likely need a work permit and a visa.

So, how do you get one?

You can’t is the simple answer. If, and only if, you fall into specific categories defined by the country you want to work in. You generally can not apply for a work permit yourself.

If you have questions regarding the work permit or relocation to the EU, our team is happy to help. 

AI Resume and Cover Letter Builder

Wondering why you are not getting any positive response on your resume?

That's cause an actual human never reads 75% of the applications. They can quickly filter and rank your resume based on its relevance to the job description with ATS.

Faruse x Rezi makes ATS optimized resumes tailored to job applications.

Unlike other services, where you pay the monthly recurring price, our plan includes a lifetime deal with unlimited resumes and cover letters for only €24.99.

Our Best Offers

(Monthly Pricing)


Access to latest jobs or internships (premium offers not displayed on platform)
Lifetime Access to personalized job board
€500+ worth of online courses for FREE
Job search tools and Linkedin hacks
Email support


Access to latest jobs and internships (premium offers not displayed on platform)
Lifetime Access to personalized job board
€1000+ worth of courses for FREE
Job search tools and Linkedin Hacks
30 Mins Career Counsulting
Email Support


Access to latest jobs and internships (premium offers not displayed on platform)
Lifetime Access personalized job dashboard
€2000+ worth of courses for FREE
Job search tools and Linkedin Hacks
30 Mins Career Counsulting
Visa & Work Permit Support
Email Support

Why Choose Faruse?

There are so many advantages. Being Europe's first job search platform with only English speaking offers a top-notch platform to put your recruitment process on automation and even beyond!

Specialised Job Board for English Speakers

A job search platform for native English speakers. All jobs and internships published on our platform do not require any European language.

4000+ Premium Offers & Companies Researched for You

Every day offers from top companies are hand-picked and manually scanned, providing you with the best opportunities.

Machine Learning Powered Job-Resume Matcher

Our machine learning algorithm automatically scans your resume and matches it with the best job offers. 

High-Quality Support, Coaching & Resources

Visa - Career Counselling - Work Permit Support bundled all in one from our top experts and vetted researchers.

Designed for Students & Job Seekers in Europe

Helping students, job seekers, expats, and foreigners who want to launch their career in Europe's top cities.

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